I have been to many shows over the course of my 40 years.  One of those shows I am glad to have had the chance to enjoy was seeing The Eagles At Van Andel Arena.

Two years ago (September 8th, 2014) West Michigan was lucky enough to get the band live in Grand Rapids.  Having never seen the band live I didn't know what to expect.  Was it going to be all hits?, was it going to be the Don Henley show?  It turned out to be a memorable show a top 5 all time for me.

After that performance, I had somewhat of a feeling that the show would be the first and last time I would ever see them live.   Sure enough with the passing of Glenn Frey earlier This Year that became a reality.

I can at least say I got to enjoy a performance from one of the more talented bands in history.   If you are ever on the fence on going to see a legendary band or artist if you have the chance go as you never know you may never get that chance again.