KISS kicked off their 40th anniversary tour last night in Salt Lake City.  Here's my problem with this tour; it's supposed to be KISS' 40th anniversary tour, so why are they bringing Def Leppard out on the road with them?  I have nothing against Def Leppard, but with two big bands on the bill, KISS is only playing a 75 minute set, on their 40th anniversary tour.  When I saw KISS at Cobo Hall and a few years later at DTE, they played over 2 hours.  And speaking of DTE, lawn seats are completely sold out for their DTE show this August.  Good pavilion seats are still available but they're $200!  That's my other issue with KISS touring with Def Leppard.  Two big bands means two big stage shows, which means more roadies, drivers, people to feed, etc...and that means HIGHER TICKET PRICES!

OK, I'm done bitching.

Here's a killer video of the hottest band in the world last night.  Enjoy.