Up until a few years ago I never watched an episode of Big Brother.  Thought it was just another dumb reality show that I just didn't want to waste my time watching every week.  Sure enough the first summer I started dating my wife, I watched season 11 and have watched it every year since.  This season premiered last night and since they really only introduced 8 guest of the 16 no clue on who could win this thing.  It's cool that one of the houseguest is from Michigan, Nicole who is from a town called "Ubly" which is in the thumb. I'll follow her and we'll see if any of the other guest fit into the possible people to watch.  I'm not a super fan of this show but I enjoy it enough that I'll watch.  A few new twist this season like Team America and two Head of Households will make it interesting so here's to another season of Big Brother a true guilty pleasure of the summer.  Will you watch Big Brother this summer?