I can't be the only one out there that thinks Bark at the Moon is a bad album.  The title track is one of Ozzy's best solo songs, but the rest of the album is just, well, meh.  Rock n' Roll Rebel is a decent song, but Centre of Eternity?  Blech!

You're No Different is a decent song, and Now You See Me Now You Don't is good, but if you take the whole album and compare it to the album before, and even after, it just falls flat.  And I don't blame Jake E. Lee because Ultimate Sin is a fantastic record.

The record really should rock.  The cover rules, the video rules, but the whole package is a disappointment.  And for some reason Ozzy likes this album better than The Ultimate Sin, which again, is a far superior album.

Now go forth loyal listener and listen to Bark at the Moon and let me know what you think.

*Note: I feel the same way about Motorhead's Iron Fist.  Great title track, crappy album*