Ok, so there I was, minding my own bid'ness, scrollity-scrolling through Facebook for a little blog-spiration.  Since most of my feed is littered with articles relating to the shooting in Orlando or political memes, it's slim pickins today.

But then I saw it...

...out of nowhere...

......a picture of a freaking snapping turtle, mouth agape, probably making that terrible devil hiss those Triassic horrors are known for... right there, in my moosh, causing me to shriek audibly.  I literally jumped in my seat and as far away from my screen as I could. People; put a warning label on these things - you're going to give me a heart attack!  No one should have to be subjected to a photo of a snapping turtle with it's terrifying death-jaws prepped for attack.  I cannot express to you how much snapping turtles bother the sh*t out of me.  Just the thought of their freakish mouth and black heart... I can't.  I'm having a moment as I type this, curling my feet underneath me at my desk, you know, just in case any nomadic snapping turtles happened to wander by the office.

I think I may have JUST discovered that I have a phobia.


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