We had a great time on Saturday at Airway Lanes for Cosmic Bowl 9.  I want to thank everyone who came out to party with us and Airway lanes & Family Fun Center for putting up with our nonsense.  As we say every year, it's not about the score.  In fact, we really don't want serious bowlers.  It's about getting together to drink, eat, laugh and win prizes.  And speaking of prizes, the big hit at this year's was the "Bacon Bowl".  It's a bowl MADE OUT OF BACON!!!!  And coming in a close second was the Pajama Jeans.  Adam Lonsbury was one of the lucky winner of said jeans so Stefani bet him if he got a strike, she'd wear the PJs.  As you can see, everybody won cuz Stefani wanted a pair anyway.  Can't wait till next year!!!!

Photo by McKelly