So I finally got around to seeing a show at Firekeepers Casino in Battle Creek. My Wife and I saw Crosby,Stills and Nash at the Event Center at Firekeepers Casino Saturday night.  Having never seen them I didn't know what to expect, would they do all hits?, would they do any solo material?  As is the case with Casino shows, it was around an Hour and forty five minutes ,they opened with "Carry On",  and it was hit after hit.  The highlight for me was when Stephen Stills did the song "Treetop Flyer"  always liked that song and was great to see it live. Unfortunately I didn't get any good photos as neither my wife's or my camera's didn't get a good shot.  Overall great show all three guys were in top form and they have a very good band backing them. One of the legendary groups still going and after seeing them still worth seeing after all these years, Glad I could see them in my back yard in Battle Creek.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images