So the other night Paul McCartney was at a Brooklyn Nets game.  And, by the way, he was sitting in the same seats as the "great unwashed".  Anyway, during a time out the t-shirt gun guy starts firing into the crowd, like he does at every game, and some of the flying fabric found its way into Sir Paul's section.  The video shows Paul eagerly trying to catch one.  Now...everybody and there brother on TV decided to comment on how rich he is and why would he want a $6 t-shirt.  Hey!  Idiots!  He was just being a fan at a game trying to catch a shirt.  I've been in the same situation and didn't care what they were firing.  I just wanted to catch something.  It's sports human nature to dive for a $6 foul ball; sometimes with a baby in one arm.  You don't care how much it costs.  You just want to be part of the action.  Paul was acting like a regular guy at a game.  Not one of the most famous people in the history of mankind.  And I, for one, think that's very cool.