Over the last few days I have posted places that I went during my Route 66 and Colorado trip.  One of those places I had to go to was to the Summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. Now there are a couple of ways you can go to the top either the cog train that goes up or you can drive the highway that goes to the top.  My wife and I rode to the top with her cousin who volunteered to drive.  I've been to the top before so I knew what to expect, what I didn't expect was that between the weather changes it was 92 air temp but up on the summit it was mid 60's and the wind it drove my sinuses crazy.  Later after we made it back down I ended up throwing up which never happens to me.  Add that along with my wife's cousin's car kept overheating which made for a fun trip up the mountain.  If you ever drive up give yourself a few hours, as the speed limit is 25 plus it takes time to come down so you don't burn up your brakes.  I'ts worth it to go up at least once and since it was my second time I think I've gotten high enough at least on the mountain known as Pikes Peak 

Photo by Fly