Whether you were a teen in the 70s, 80s, 90s, or beyond, there were fads from your youth that you secretly wish would come back.  Reddit.com asked their users "If You Could Bring Back Any Fad, What Would It Be?"

Here are some of the best answers:

1.  Block parties.  Hanging with your neighbors used to be amazing.

2.  Rollerblades.

3.  Tetherball.  Now it's considered bullying, but it was such an entertaining game for kids.

4.  Slap bracelets.  Unfortunately, they got banned because somehow every town in America had a girl from "the town over" accidentally slice open her wrists on them.

5.  Saying "NOT" as a punchline.

6.  The '90s grunge look.  So comfortable.  So warm.

7.  Fanny packs.  They're the ultimate in convenience.

8.  Mullets.

So, the Rocker Morning Show wants to know, if you could bring back any fad, what would it be?