If you're in a committed relationship, chances are there is something that bothers you about your significant other that you would NEVER actually tell them.


But sometimes it's nice to get it off your chest.


Reddit.com asked users "What Bothers You About Your Significant Other, But You Can't Tell Them?"  Here are some of the best responses:

  1. "You're a really bad kisser.  Kissing you is like fighting with a seal over a grape."
  2. "I wish you'd surprise me just once, with anything.  Show up at my office unexpected, a random surprise gift, even a quick kiss when I'm off guard."
  3. "You've got to cut the cord with your parents.  You're 30 and you talk to them multiple times a day and you need their approval to do things . . . even things like riding roller coasters.  It's time to grow up."
  4. "You've gained a lot of weight and you don't bother even taking off sweatpants or combing your hair before we go out in public.  I still take care of my appearance and I wish you did too."
  5. "Stop texting in baby talk.  I don't read your texts in your cute baby voice, it seems like they were written by a Russian immigrant."

So... The Rocker Morning Show wants to know, what bothers you about your significant other, but you can't tell them?