This one's for the ladies... but fellas... listen closely.

There are so many things that men do thinking they're being so impressive, but it really just makes women roll their eyes, point, and laugh. asked their users about the things guys do to impress women, but it really just makes them cringe.  Here are some of the best responses:

1.  Talking smack about your boyfriend to get you to break up with him.

2.  Immediately bragging or showing off at the beginning of a conversation, about anything from money, to how smart they are, to how much they can drink.

3.  Crazy aggressive driving.

4.  Talking about how many women they've slept with . . . or showing you photos or texts they've gotten from other women.

5.  Talking about how ripped they are, or wearing a shirt that's two sizes too small to show off their muscles.

The Rocker Morning Show would like to make this a public service announcement!  Ladies, what do men do to impress you, but really just makes you cringe?