Facebook's amazing, because the things people post today that drive you crazy are probably TOTALLY different than the things they posted a YEAR ago to drive you crazy.  That's how fast getting irritated can change in the Internet era.

So, what do people need to stop posting on Facebook ASAP?  Here are five of the most popular answers . . .

1.  Posts about things "real men do" or "real women do."  Like "Real women have curves."

2.  Buzzfeed articles about things only kids born in the '90s care about.  Yes, everyone remembers Nickelodeon shows like "Doug".  It REALLY wasn't that long ago.  And we remembered it when Buzzfeed posted the same list three years ago.

3.  Bragging about CrossFit workouts.  It seems like part of doing CrossFit is expending energy by bragging about it.

4.  Declaring everything the "best picture ever" or "best email ever" or "best wedding proposal ever."

5.  Complaints about being old . . . at age 26.

Rocker Morning Show wants to know...what do people need to stop posting on Facebook ASAP?