Most things make a come-back.  Converse High-Tops.  Monocles.  Fingers crossed for Zubaz Pants...

What's a trend you really DO want to come back? asked their users, and here are eight of the most popular answers . . .

1.  Hitchhiking.  Unfortunately the world seems to be getting filled with crazier and crazier people so this isn't likely . . . but it would be a great way to get around.

2.  TV news going back to being straightforward, non-sensationalized, and non-partisan.

3.  Rollerblading.

4.  Velcro shoes . . . especially if they could become trendy for adults.

5.  Fanny packs.  They're so convenient and useful.

6.  Grunge music and the grunge look.  The music was excellent and giant flannel shirts are really comfortable.

7.  People dressing up to go out.  Every move now is toward being as casual as possible, and it's not always for the best.

8.  Movies that aren't remakes or sequels.

The Rocker Morning Show wants to know... what trend do you want to see make