"Thanks... it was nothing," they say, smugly.  Sometimes it IS nothing.  Reddit.com asked their users, "What's Something That Takes Very Little Skill But Gets a TON of Admiration?"

Here are eight of the top answers . . .

1.  Being a single man who cooks . . . even if that just means following the most basic recipes.

2.  Fixing your parents' Internet.  It generally involves unplugging the router, plugging it back in, and waiting 20 seconds.

3.  Winning money on "Deal or No Deal".  You thought there would never be a game show that took less skill than "Wheel of Fortune" . . . nope.

4.  A three-year-old's drawings.  Random squiggles of crayon get treated like PICASSO paintings.

5.  Doing the dishes without being asked.

6.  Playing basic chords on a guitar.

7.  Posting a Facebook status about a cause just to bring it "awareness."  You don't donate money or volunteer, of course . . . just raise awareness.

8.  Being tall.

So, the Rocker Morning Show wants to know... what's something that you think takes very little skill but gets a TON of admiration?