Have you ever looked around you and thought, "Really?  That's what we're doing now?"  There are so many odd things that have become socially acceptable.

Reddit.com asked their users, "What's Something You Can't Believe Is Socially Acceptable Today?"  Here are some of the best responses:

1.  Super aggressive paparazzi, along with all the tabloids and gossip magazines.

2.  People openly and proudly discriminating against gays . . . especially politicians.

3.  Talking on speakerphone in public.

4.  Not responding to party invitations, to keep your options open.

5.  Parents complaining about how a school punished their kid, when the kid did something bad and actually needed to be punished.

6.  People having no remorse for obvious spelling mistakes and a lack of basic factual knowledge.

7.  Child beauty pageants.

8.  The amount of corporate money involved in politics.

9.  Lawsuits over EVERYTHING.

10.  And, of course, everyone texting during meals instead of talking to each other.

The Rocker Morning Show wants to know... what 's something you can't believe is socially acceptable today?