Life is a series of lessons.  Sometimes we learn something and realize we should have understood it a long time ago. asked their users, "What's something you figured out as an adult that you really should have learned as a child?"

Here are some results:

1.  You have to be responsible for yourself.  If you're sick, you have to call the doctor and take care of it, because no one else will do it for you . . . and you can't hide from it and pretend you're fine in case it's more serious.

2.  It's a smaller world than you think . . . remember that when you start burning bridges.

3.  You're not going to succeed on your natural talent or intelligence.  You might get by, but no matter how AMAZING you are or how amazing people always SAY you are, you're going to have to work.

4.  Not everyone is going to like you and it's not worth your time, effort, or energy to try to make someone like you or figure out why they don't.

5.  Whatever stage of life you're in, you'll think it's impossibly difficult and everything you do is life-or-death . . . but when you get older and enter the next stage of life, you'll think back and realize how easy things were.

So, the Rocker Morning Show wants to know, what's something you figured out as an adult that you should have learned as a child?