When you were a kid, you had secrets you were SURE your parents didn't know . . . but there were definitely a few they knew.  And now that you have kids, the exact same thing is going on.



What's something you know about your kids that they don't think you know?  Here are five of the best answers we've heard . . .



1.  "Another parent heard some kids were teasing my 12-year-old son about never kissing a girl.  My son said he HAD kissed a girl, named Ruby.  Ruby is our dog.  And she really is kissable."



2.  "My 13-year-old daughter has a blog with tens of thousands of followers where she writes ONE DIRECTION fan fiction.  It gets kind of steamy . . . but it's really well-written."



3.  "My son doesn't realize that when he's done self-touching, there's a smell.  I know the smell.  I also know why sometimes the socks in his laundry have a different texture than other socks."



4.  "I know who she lost her virginity to, when it happened, and where they were.  I really wish I didn't."



5.  "My daughter doesn't realize I can see what she's been watching on Netflix.  She's looking for every movie she can find with 'sex' in the description."


Rocker Morning Show wants to know what's something your kids don't realize you know about them?