We've all made mistakes; big ones, small ones... but some mistakes ended up being the best mistake we've ever made.  Reddit.com asked their users "What's the Best Mistake You've Ever Made?" - and here are some of the best responses:

  1. "I drunkenly and stupidly picked a fight.  The guy kicked me in the head.  After the MRI they found a brain tumor."
  2. "I failed out of college and joined the military.  It changed me into a completely different person and while I was in, I finally completed my degree in nuclear engineering technology.  Without failing out of college, who knows?"
  3. :"I worked at a grocery store, gave myself a discount on a piece of watermelon, and got fired.  That started my job hunt... where I found a job with better pay, better vacation, better benefits, and work I actually liked."
  4. "I was about to make a left turn on my motorcycle and accidentally popped the clutch, which made me stall.  As I was cursing myself, a truck coming from the other direction blew through the red light.  If I hadn't popped the clutch, I'd be dead."
  5. I dropped a quarter before I could put it in a gumball machine.  while I picked it up, a kid went in front of me and got a pink gumball.  I put mine in and got a blue one.  This story might not be as dynamic as the others, but pink gumballs are awful."

So... The Rocker Morning Show wants to know... What's the best mistake you've ever made?