Money can't buy you happiness, but it sure can buy you all the exotic pets, fancy cars, and jars of pee that eccentric rich folks are known for hoarding. asked their users what the biggest waste of money was they've ever witnessed.  Here are some of the results:

1.  "My dad was doing construction on a woman's bathroom and asked her what kind of tile she wanted.  She said, 'The most expensive type' . . . she didn't care what it looked like.  It was ugly and cost her $10,000."

2.  "I was working at 7-Eleven.  A woman came in, bought $1,700 worth of $20 scratchers, scratched them all, won about $100 back, then yelled, 'These things are rigged' and stormed out."

3.  "I watched someone bet on every single number on a roulette table.  There are 38 numbers including zero and double zero.  Every number pays 35-to-one."

4.  "I worked at a cell phone store, a pregnant woman came in and bought the two most expensive iPhones with $100 monthly plans on each one.  She didn't want to open them, though . . . her psychic told her to buy them for her unborn twins."

5.  "My boss drove his Jaguar to Home Depot to buy bricks for his patio.  He realized he didn't want to bring them home in his Jag . . . so he went across the street and bought a Toyota FJ Cruiser on his credit card to transport the bricks."

So, the Rocker Morning Show wants to know... what's the biggest waste of money you've ever witnessed?