Have you ever been in the middle of an awkward situation, one SO bad you had to leave?  Reddit.com asked their users, "Hey, Users!  What's the Most Awkward Situation You've Ever Encountered?"

Here are some of their best responses . . .

1.  "I was a waiter at an Italian chain restaurant when some dude proposed to his girlfriend in front of everyone . . . and got rejected.  Then they didn't leave.  He kept talking to her while she had her face buried in her hands."

2.  "I was a camp counselor.  We had a blind camper who couldn't find her backpack.  Someone asked her what color it was . . . she said she didn't know."

3.  "My parents got into an argument at dinner that ended with my mom yelling at my dad, 'See, THIS is why I never want to have sex with you anymore.'"

4.  "I went to Spring Break in Cancun, and of course about 30 of us college guys packed into one room.  I woke up to some noises and looked up to find two of my friends having sex.  No one knew either one was gay until that moment."

5.  "I tried to hold the door open for the elevator at work by sticking my arm between the doors . . . and in the process, my hand went straight into a female coworker's breasts.  I yelled, pulled my hand back, and the doors shut without her getting in."

So, the Rocker Morning Show wants to know... what's the most awkward situation you've ever encountered?