At one time or another we've all been either too lazy or too broke to go grocery shopping. wanted to know: What's the most DEPRESSING meal you ever made yourself?

Here are six of the best answers . . .

1.  "Flour and water fried up in a skillet.  It was the saddest pancake I ever ate."

2.  "While squatting in an empty apartment I once boiled pasta in a mop bucket and ate it with a screwdriver."

3.  "I ate a can of refried beans, cold, in the can . . . and used a knife because I didn't have any other utensils."

4.  "I had a sandwich of salt and pepper on white bread."

5.  "My roommate and I ate a bag of stale Doritos that came with our apartment."

6.  "I loved a poor man's steak sandwich and tomato soup.  The steak sandwich is A1 sauce on a piece of white bread folded in half . . . the tomato soup is a bowl of hot ketchup and water."

Rocker Morning Show wants to know... what's the most depressing meal you've ever made for yourself?