I know I should be spending less time sitting, more time exercising, more time sleeping, less time stressing, and less time eating French fries covered in gravy and bacon.  But that's really just the tip of the iceberg on self-improvement.

What are the most important things you should be doing that you probably aren't?  Here are five of the most popular answers . . .

1.  Saving money for retirement.

2.  Taking better care of your teeth, especially flossing.

3.  Backing up your computer and phone regularly.  Otherwise you're just asking to lose your important files and all your photos.

4.  Keeping your eyes open for other jobs, even if you're happy.  The best time to find a job is when you already have one.

5.  Stop beating yourself up and start taking little daily steps toward fixing whatever's bothering you the most.

The Rocker Morning Show wants to know what's the most important thing you should be doing that you aren't?