We've talked about job interviews many times on the morning show.  From the ridiculous, to the sublime, we've covered everything from what NOT to say to a potential employer, how to properly prepare yourself for an interview, etc.

But, no matter HOW much planning goes in to preparing for a job interview, sometimes you get a curve-ball.

Reddit.com asked their users, "Hey, Users!  What's the strangest thing you've been asked during a job interview?"

Here are some of the best results:

1.  "Have you ever done sugar . . . or PCP?"

2.  "Can you explain why we gave you an interview?  Based on your resume you seem very unqualified to work here."

3.  "If we come over for dinner, what would you make?"

4.  "What do you think are some of MY faults?"

5.  "Are you okay working with people who drink?"

6.  "Why would you work for us when you'll clearly have better offers?"

7.  "How many pencils can you fit in your mouth?"

8.  "If you saw a car driving toward a group of kids that would definitely kill them and could push one obese man in the way instead to kill him, would you do it?"

9.  "How many pounds of feces do you think I generate in a typical year?  Bear in mind I take Metamucil every morning and I love cashews."

The Rocker Morning Show wants to know... what's the strangest thing you've ever been asked during a job interview?