Has your boss ever asked you to do something WEIRD that wasn't in your job description?  A new survey from Career Builder asked people that question . . . here are the seven best answers.

1.  He asked me to fire someone . . . and then drive them home.

2.  He asked me to teach another employee how to pass a drug test.

3.  He wanted me to help decide who he should and shouldn't reject on Tinder.

4.  He asked me to talk to his daughter-in-law after her cat died.

5.  She asked me to find out how to get a copy of her ex-husband's death certificate.

6.  He asked me to climb onto the roof to see if there were any dead birds up there.

7.  He instructed all employees to start "Liking" his Facebook videos.

The Rocker Morning Show wants to know, has your boss ever asked you to do something WAY outside your job description?