We all know that there's a social dynamic to the workplace.  Whether you overhear two coworkers chatting about the latest "Bachelor" around the water cooler, notice the new Data Entry Clerk adding another dress to her "Perfect Wedding" board on Pinterest, or even receive a hilarious cat gif from someone two cubicles down (Maru, when will find a box that fits you?!?!?!), we're all bound to catch a coworker doing something non-work related.

Reddit.com wanted to know: What's the weirdest thing you've ever caught a coworker doing?  Here are some of the results...

1.  "A coworker had small animal toys that make sounds when you squeeze them.  I caught him opening them and switching the sound chips, so he'd have cows that oink and sheep that moo and so on.  He's like a horrible Dr. Moreau."

2.  "I caught a female coworker peeing in a mop bucket in the janitor's closet.  I expected her to say something like, 'The bathroom was locked,' but she didn't.  She just got up and walked away like nothing happened."

3.  "I'm a chef.  On an incredibly busy night we couldn't find our food runner.  Finally I found him in a back hallway, listening to music from his phone, practicing salsa steps.  I said, 'What the hell, man?'  He said, 'I just can't get the rhythm figured out.'"

4.  "One of my coworkers was eating tacos when another coworker walked by, picked up one of the little to-go containers of salsa, downed it like a shot, and kept walking."

5.  "When I worked at a grocery store I walked into an office and found a coworker chugging cans of Slim Fast with his pants down around his ankles."

6.  "Working."