Everyone's thought about what THEY'D do if THEY had a restaurant.  It's got to be one of the most common fantasies ever.

Reddit.com asked their users, "What's your best "If I had a restaurant" idea?"  Here are five of the best ones we've heard.

1.  " A hangover diner.  Comfort food, no loud noises, and you're served Gatorade instead of water."

2.  "Tapas, American style.  In other words, everything would be small plates . . . but American appetizers like cheese sticks and onion rings."

3.  "An 'American Gladiators'-style restaurant.  You can either pay, or try to escape past the staff without paying.  But if they catch you, you pay double."

4.  "A create-your-own pancake place . . . kind of like Chipotle but you stuff your pancakes as you go down the line."

5.  "A restaurant that opens for happy hour, serves drinks until last call, then switches to breakfast until it closes at noon.  I'd call it Flapjack Daniels."

The Rocker Morning Show wants to know... what's your best "If I had a restaurant..." idea?