Not every birthday ends with cake and a B.J.  (Am I right, fellas?)  But some can be downright miserable. asked their users to share their "Worst Birthday Ever" story, and here are some of the best offerings:

1.  "On my 10th birthday I got about $200 total so my mom took me to the store and I bought an amazing electric mini dirt bike.  When we got home, my dad said, 'What the eff is this?'  He ended up returning it . . . and kept the money."

2.  "As a kid, our school would give us a 'birthday badge,' which was like a fake police badge with a pin.  I put it in my pocket.  The pin ended up piercing my testicles and I had to go to the ER."

3.  "My girlfriend dumped me on my 21st birthday.  So I did get to spend my 21st birthday at a bar, drinking legally . . . only I was drinking alone, crying, and walked home in the rain."

4.  "My mom had set up a surprise party for me after school on my ninth birthday.  All of my friends were going to go and I never saw it coming.  BUT . . . my ninth birthday was September 11th, 2001.  I ended up eating cake alone."

5.  "My wife was acting suspicious right before my birthday so I started snooping.  Turned out she was organizing a surprise party for me with all of my friends.  Which was great!  Unfortunately, while snooping, I also found out she was cheating on me."

The Rocker Morning Show wants to know... what's your "worst birthday ever" story?