Beyond using a salad fork to stab at a steak (can you believe some people?!?!?!) there are everyday things in life that you notice people are doing wrong... and it just keeps getting more infuriating every time you see it. asked their users about the things pretty much EVERYONE does wrong that drives you crazy, and here are the top 8 results:

1.  Using a ton of toothpaste, like the picture on the toothpaste box, instead of using the small amount you actually need.

2.  Thinking that the phrase, "I'm sorry you're upset" is the same as saying, "I'm sorry."  Those are two very different things.

3.  Sneezing into your hands instead of a tissue or your sleeve.

4.  Only using your turn signal when you FEEL like it.

5.  People who upload videos they shot on their phone vertically . . . so you get those YouTube videos with big black squares on both sides.  Just turn your phone horizontally, it takes ZERO extra effort.

6.  Saying, "I could care less" instead of "I couldn't care less."

7.  Not letting people get off busses, trains, or elevators before getting on.

8.  Cleaning your ears with Q-tips.  You're actually just pushing the wax in deeper and causing bigger problems down the road.

The Rocker Morning Show wants to know... what's something you see people do that just drives you crazy because you know they're doing it wrong?