Last month Rock Band 4 was announced to be released later on this year.  So it's not a surprise that after a five year hiatus, Guitar Hero is coming back as well.

Guitar Hero Live is set to be released in the fall.  I was a big fan of both Rock Band and Guitar Hero.  I had most of the games and got to the point where I nearly beat every song in all those games.

I eventually lost interest in the games and I wasn't surprised when both series sort of died off.  I'm sort of curious to what the demand is for the return of both series.

According to an article in Rolling Stone, there will be a new guitar controller in the new Guitar Hero also a first person perspective and something called GHTV.  It is also unknown on how many songs will be available for the game.

It will be available for all the recent consoles and, for the first time, mobile devices.

If you're a fan, look for it this fall.  Are you excited for new Guitar Hero?