Ok, I'm taking it one step further; Howard the Duck is the best movie of all time!  Think about it; Howard the Duck is about a duck from outer space that knows kung fu, plays rock n' roll, fights space demons, manage a rock band, and bangs Lea Thompson!  No other movie comes close to the sheer awesomeness that is Howard the Duck...and it was produced by George Lucas!


Let's compare Howard to other films cinematic history:

The Goonies - Josh Brolin, some fat kid, and Samwise Gamgee look for buried treasure.  Boring!

Shawshank Redemption - Some dude is accused of murder and spends the next 2 hours complaining, before he finally escapes in a pool of turds.  Meh.

Citizen Kane - Some dude misses his sled.  No nudity.  None.

Raiders of the Lost Ark - Some guy with a whip and a fedora goes looking for treasure.

Star Wars - A whinny kid plays with a giant sword made out of light.

The only movie that comes close is Back to the Future; a kid goes back in time, in a DeLorean, and almost bangs his mom, who just happens to be Lea Thompson.

I challenge you, loyal listener/reader, to think of a movie better than Howard the Duck.