$2.97!!!  $2.97!!!  Let's party in the streets!!!

Let's not.

Sure, gas is under $3 for the first time in who-knows-how long, but lets just pump the breaks, people.  This is exactly what the oil companies want us to do; get excited, kneel before them, kiss their oily rings - I say nay.  Nay.

It's all part of what I believe is an on-going conspiracy for the ultimate goal; the continued oil company cash grab.  Profits continue to break records every quarter.  Here's how it works: a real or imagined threat to our oil security causes gas prices to inflate.  Prices are through the roof, we're all bitching and moaning, then prices fall to a level not seen in who knows how long, and we celebrate.  When in truth, prices are still inflated by the oil companies at a level much higher than they should be.  Don't believe me?  Let's take one important fact out for a walk; we are now producing enough oil in the United States to satisfy our own demand.  There's no longer any dependence on foreign oil.  So, instead of taking care of our own interest and easing the price of gas to a REAL level, we are exporting oil thereby keeping supplies at a low enough level to inflate prices.

But, hey.  $2.97?  WOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!