Insane Clown Posse was set to bring the Riddle Box Tour to the Loft in Lansing for two shows, but after the venue was sprayed with Faygo soda, an ICP tradition, The Loft asked the band to not use Faygo or to cancel their second show.

ICP shared this statement with their fans following the June 18th show cancellation,

Sigh... tonight's scheduled ICP show at The Loft has been cancelled due to the venue's concerns about Faygo. Last night's sold out show was off the f^ckin chain, but the venue--which had never hosted an ICP show-- wasn't exactly prepared to deal with cleaning up 1200 liters of Faygo. So this morning they said ICP could perform the Riddle Box Show as scheduled...but only if there was no Faygo! every Juggalo knows, it ain't a f^cking Wicked Clown show without Faygo!

Refunds will be automatically processed within 48-72 hours for all tickets purchased online. Tickets for tonight's afterparty will also be automatically refunded. For the few who purchased your tickets in person from The Loft, please stop by the Loft box office with your tickets anytime from 10am to 4pm, Monday through Friday to receive your refund.

And for those who purchased VIP meet-n-greet packages, your $$ will be refunded on Monday.

Fam, we're sorry at this stale @ss turn of events, but sometimes this $hit happens.

For the venue's part, the Lansing State Journal reports,

The Loft appeared ready Friday afternoon to handle a sugary onslaught. The venue sent a Lansing State Journal reporter a Twitter message then that said "We're ready" and showed a photo of what appeared to be plastic tarps covering its stage. Later that afternoon, the post disappeared. They sent a Facebook message saying "there was a slight issue so it had to be removed."

Faygo Spraying at an Insane Clown Posse Show

Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope appeared at Woodstock '99 in Rome, NY where Faygo was part of the band's set. Check out a few archived photos from that show.

This video shows a Juggalo bath from a concert in Melbourne - and NSFW caution - it's an ICP show, there's some salty language beyond.