This October we will get a new Pink Floyd album called,"The Endless River".  Like most Pink Floyd fans, I'm excited to hear something new even though the recordings are close to 20 Years Old.  One thing I've done recently is starting to listen to older albums from the band. When I say older albums ones like "Atom Heart Mother", "Meddle", and even some of the Early Syd Barrett recordings.  Much of the music on these recordings are experimental and unless your a die hard fan you probably are not that familiar with.   My favorite of these early Albums is either "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" or "Meddle".  "Echoes"(which is on "Meddle") is one of those Floyd Classics that I wish I could play on air, but because it's as long as it is probably not gonna happen anytime soon.  It's cool to get an early listen to the band and these albums are a good way to see where the band started and where they eventually end up.  If your burned out on "Dark Side of The Moon" or "The Wall" Check out their older album's and if you want to see how they rank according to Ultimate Classic Rock check out their list here.