What a night!!!  Last night Mike Tyson brought his one-man show "Undisputed Truth" from Broadway to FireKeepers Casino Hotel.  Now, I've been a fan of "Iron" Mike since his career began and always considered him to be one of 2 of the greatest fighters in my lifetime and maybe of all time.  Of course, Ali being the other.  I didn't know what to expect but came away thoroughly entertained.  He mostly made us laugh but also made us brutally aware of his highest highs and lowest lows.  My "Hangover 4 " crew Nick, Bruce, Brian, Steve, Earl, Jim and I had a great time and wouldn't have missed it for the world. Plus 2 other great things happened.  First, the always VIP treatment we get from FireKeepers and second I finally got to meet Tyson and he got to meet me!!!  If you get a chance check out his show on HBO on demand.  (No plug intended) And if you haven't been to FireKeepers, you'll get the same VIP treatment we got. (Plug intended)