Here's how much I hate moving; I would rather go to jail for a month and be forced to listen to country music and watch Sex and the City reruns then have to move again.  I knew I had a lot of stuff, but my junk pile was insane!  In the five years Jamie and I rented this house we accumulated a lot of stuff, but the amount of stuff we accumulated was ridiculous.

Before we moved, we tried to box up some stuff and bring it over to our new house.  On moving day, I got a rental truck and figured I would only need to fill it up once.  Wrong!  I filled that sucker up three times, and that still wasn't enough!  I spend over 12 hours on moving day moving, and still had to make about a dozen trips back to my rental house, each time thinking that would be the last trip.  Wrong!  The stuff just didn't end!  I was throwing crap away left and right.  "Oh look, a shirt I haven't worn in three years...toss it!"  I felt bad at one point because I was throwing away food that in retrospect was probably still good, but I just wanted to get that stuff out of there, so into the garbage it went.

We tried labeling our boxes too, to make things easier when they arrived at the new house, but that ended quickly.  A handful of boxes were neatly packed and labeled.  After awhile we gave up and just tossed crap into boxes; no labels, no tape, just junk in boxes.  Hell, we were reusing boxes left and right.  I would make a trip to the new house, dump the stuff from the box, and return to the rental house to do it all over again.

And the dust!  So.  Much.  %*&#ing.  Dust!

And don't get me started on the thawed dog crap in the backyard...I can only hope and pray a massive storm comes through and cleanses that backyard before the landlord has a chance to see it.  I filled two garbage bags up with dog poop, and I know there's still some back there.  Remember, I have a Great Dane, so it's like cleaning up adult turds.

As of now, I'm completely moved out of my rental, and we still have a decent amount of boxes to unpack (finding things like socks and toothpaste has turned into a "fun" task.  Indiana Jones had an easier time finding the Lost Ark then I did finding dish soap).  My new garage is filled with garbage bags.  Some with garbage which will be put out for trash pick up, and others with clothes that will eventually be sorted through.  My goal is to pack unused things, like clothes, into clear storage bins so I know what's in there, and make things easier in the future, for when I do decide to move again.  Although after this nightmare, I don't see that being anytime in the near future.

Now here's the lesson in this: don't be cheap!  Pay someone else to move for you!

::I'd like to take a minute to thank some people who helped me in my move.  Dan and Justin McGinnis, and my father in law, David Pearson.  I couldn't have done this without your help.::