So, Slayer have released their first song in five years called "Implode."  First, the song name is lame.  Implode?  Really guys?  What's imploding, your band?  Second, the production is too clean.  When Rick Rubin produced Slayer, the balance was perfect; not too clean, not too muddied.  Finally, the song is missing two key elements, Dave Lombardo and Jeff Hannamen.  I understand why the band wants to continue after Jeff's death, but was it really necessary to get rid of Dave?  Dave Lombardo is one of the greatest metal drummers out there, and Kerry King felt it necessary to can him in favor of a sub par drummer like Paul Bostaph (let it be known that I don't hate Bostaph, he's just no Dave Lombardo).  Anyways, listen to "Implode" and let me know what you think.