I'll admit I am terrible when it comes to repairing things.   If it is electronic I might be able to figure out.  Well recently I attempted, (with some help from my dad), to fix my lawn mower.

I was told that replacing a broken pull cord is an easy fix.  Well if you do it on a regular basis I can see how it would be, for someone like me who has no idea then it was an adventure.

First off we had to drill out the rivets.  Sounds easy actually doing it took forever.  Eventually we got those off and realized we had to pull the gas tank off so we could get the pop riveter lined up to replace the rivets.   We got the tank off but lost a screw in the process that broke off when we unscrewed it.

Now with everything apart we replaced the pull cord, replaced the broken screw and put everything back together.

Success! my mower is fixed and I didn't lose a finger.