This Month the Rocker is giving you a chance to win a trip to see a MLB game of your choice this May.  Once again I give you another suggestion on a possible destination if you win the trip.  PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

My wife and I had a chance to stop in Pittsburgh to see the Cubs against the Pirates a couple years ago.   Neither of us had been to Pittsburgh so we were excited to see not only the game at the stadium but the city.

We were not disappointed.  We were lucky enough to stay right across the river from the park, so we got to walk across the Roberto Clemente Bridge over to the stadium.  One thing I liked about PNC Park is they honor the history of the team.  Statues of many of their legends are all around the park. Since the river is right outside the stadium, it gives you some great photo opportunities of the park and the city of Pittsburgh.

Photo by Mrs. Fly

Once inside the park we decided that we were gonna try to eat at the Rivertowne Brewing Hall Of Fame club.  This is their restaurant/bar that is located inside the stadium in left field.   We had pierogies as an appetizer (we are in Pittsburgh).  We also both had their mac n' cheese. I don't remember but I think one of us had chicken and the other had bacon.

Photo by Mrs. Fly

Good food I also liked that they had a bunch of different eateries around the park.  Spotlighting many Pittsburgh favorites from Primanti Brothers to Quaker Steak and Lube.

I liked the park and found it to be a great place to watch a game.   The location is right in downtown Pittsburgh so you are close to everything down there.  You can walk if you have a hotel close,  there is also the subway system which is near the park.

Another great ball park and city to see if you happen to win You Pick The Trip.

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