This month the Rocker is giving you a chance to win a trip to see a MLB game of your choice this May.  Here is another great ball park to visit if you win, Target Field in Minneapolis.

I had the chance to experience Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota last summer.   My wife and I enjoyed it.   Neither of us had really ever been to downtown Minneapolis and enjoyed our time there watching a game at Target Field.

Target Field is one of the more newer parks in baseball which opened in 2010.  One of the things I enjoyed about the stadium is it is easy to get to.  The cities light rail stops right outside the stadium.    Another plus is there really isn't a bad seat in the place.

Photo by Fly

This ball park has some of the best food that I ever had the chance to try.   My wife enjoyed Walleye and I had the Pork Chop on A Stick.   These foods are part of their "State Fair Foods" stand.  They also had the usual ball park food along with more Minnesota favorites.

Photo by Fly

It probably wasn't the greatest idea to wear Tigers gear (when the game was against the Braves)  but my wife and I did.    We got asked by a couple of the Twins store clerks, did you get lost?   Told them our story about checking out a few ball parks and that we enjoyed our visit to Minneapolis.   Nice people who gave us a few suggestions on other things to see in the park.

Had a great time at Target Field and think it is one of the parks you should see if you win, "You Pick The Trip".

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