I called them a bunch of f***ing a**holes.  My dad called them f*** ups.  Either way, the Detroit Lions are bunch of @*$& $*!(# $*&%#.  If you'll excuse me for just a moment, I'm gong to step outside and continue to yell obscenities.

Alright, blood pressure's down.  I feel better.

What.  Happened?  The Lions had every opportunity to win tonight's game, but like every other game this season, and every other season, we found a way not only to lose, but help the other team win.  Another

season, another disappointment.  Remember that scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when the dude's heart gets ripped out of his chest?  Well, that's how I feel week after week.

And really, as fans, it's our fault for supporting these c*** s***ers.  I could go on and on about why the Lions should be placed inside a rocket and blasted into the sun, but I just lowered my blood pressure and I don't feel like dying of a heart attack tonight.

I'm Ramone, and that's my rant.