It shouldn't surprise anyone that the Grammys is a freaking joke.  They clearly reward artists who are popular, instead of the ones who are actually good and talented.  An artist could release the greatest record ever recorded, but if it wasn't played on the radio or sell over 50,000 units, than they couldn't give a sh*t.  I mean, come on here, Daft Punk?  Grammys, are you serious?  Out of all the great music that came out in 2013, you give it to Daft Punk?  Now why would the Grammys give Best Album and Record to Daft Punk, instead of Imagine Dragons, who were also nominated?  I'll tell you!  Because Daft Punk is more popular!

And don't get me started on rock n' roll and metal at the Grammys!  The Grammys knows absolutely nothing about rock and metal.  Now I know I'm biased because I'm a huge metal fan, but bare with me here.  The Grammys gave Jethro Tull the first ever metal Grammy instead of Metallica; that right there should have been a red flag that these people are morons.  In 2005, Motorhead won a Grammy, but not for a song that came off their 2005 release, instead they won the award for a cover of "Whiplash" that appeared on a Metallica tribute album.  In 2010, Judas Priest won a Grammy for a live version of a song they released 30 years ago!

Last year, Iron Maiden won a well deserved Grammy.  Also, original Maiden drummer Clive Burr passed away.  Slayer has won two Grammys, and last year, Jeff Hanneman passed away.  During the "In memorandum" this year, did the Grammys pay tribute to or even acknowledge Clive and Jeff?  Of course not, and their bands have both won Grammys!

This year, the best rock album went to Led Zeppelin's "Celebration Day."  Now, I'm not saying Zeppelin didn't deserve it, but "Celebration Day" is a live album.  Why give the Grammy to a live record instead of an album full of original material?  "Celebration Day" should have won a Grammy for best live record (if there was a category) instead of best rock album.  At least Black Sabbath won the best metal category.

I could go on, but I have a feeling you're picking up what I'm laying down here.  If it's popular, it'll most likely win a Grammy.  If it's underground and original, it'll lose out to a live song or a cover tune.