I don't know why so many people are "heeing and hawing" over Richard Sherman's remarks Sunday night in the NFC Championship Game. In case you missed it, here it is:

Like he said, Richard Sherman is the best corner in the game.  Richard Sherman is so awesome, that he could have knocked that ball out of Michael Crabtree's hands while sitting in a chaise lounge in the end zone drinking pina coladas out of a pineapple.   Plus, Michael Crabtree needs to stop talking smack about Richard Sherman!  Here's why Sherman is better than Crabtree:

-Richard Sherman is the best corner in the game.  When you try him with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that's the results you gonna git.

-Richard Sherman has mad skillz.  Michael Crabtree does not.

-Richard Sherman doesn't talk smack before the game.  He delivers the smackdown during the game!

Plus, you have to remember, the dude just made the game winning play to send his team to the Super Bowl.  Cut the guy some slack.  If he played for the Lions and made those remarks, we'd be talking about how many Richard Sherman jerseys to buy.

To summarize; Richard Sherman is the best corner in the game and Michael Crabtree needs to watch his *$% damn mouth.  Sherman for MVP.  LOB!