So Stefani and I were talking about how Led Zepplin's "Celebration Day" was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock Album, and I reminded her that I met Robert Plant a few years ago when he opened for The Who at Van Andel Arena.  I don't remember what year.  Does it matter?  It was like, 2003 I think.

So, anyway, we go backstage, and I expect him to be the biggest D-Bag in the WORLD!  I mean, he's ROBERT PLANT, the greatest frontman of all time.  I was gonna be disappointed if he WASN'T a big D.  Turns out he was one of the nicest people I've ever met!  Rockstar or NOT!  But the most amazing thing about meeting Robert Plant was the fact that he had the biggest head that my wife Karla and I had ever seen on a human being.  Ever.  I imagine this is what the Headless Horseman's head would look like if he ever found it.

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