So I finally had the chance to see the musical  "Rock of Ages" in East Lansing over the weekend. I know its been in Kalamazoo a couple times over the last few years but never had the chance to see it. This show was the current touring version and I've been wanting to see it since I saw that horrible film version of it a few years back.  I heard that the show was way better than the film and seeing that there is some great music in it I wanted to see how this show was.  Glad I saw it as I enjoyed it and had a great time. Not your typical Broadway show so if you are not a big Broadway fan and love 80's rock you would enjoy this show.  One of the highlights is the few songs where they sing a couple of songs together like, the opening when they sing "Just Like Paradise" and "Nothin' But A Good Time".  I also liked the narrator character "Lonny" who did a lot of breaking the fourth wall which you don't see in a lot of these shows.  Like "American Idiot"  its a fun rock show that's nothing like the normal type of musical theater.  If you get a chance check out both of these shows.