Yesterday morning our long-time friends Dan Holroyd and Bob Penny stopped in to let us know about Jason Shearer who passed away recently and is survived by his wife and 3 children.  As Dan and Bob told us, Jason was a great husband, father and friend who would do anything for someone else while struggling with crippling health issues and mounting medical bills.


To give you an idea of what kind of guy Jason was, he was on the heart transplant list and passed on a new heart when he found out someone else needed it more.  We're calling on the RK-Army to go to the Go Fund Me page and give what you can.  Already people are stepping up including our friends at 12 Baskets Food Pantry in Portage.  Mike Hartwigsen from 12 Baskets called yesterday to offer whatever food the family needs.  Thanks Mike.  Please donate what you can by clicking HERE.