One of my favorite comedies is coming to The Civic Theatre January 13th-the 28th. Sylvia is the story of Greg, a recent empty-nester, who comes home from work one afternoon with a stray dog, played by a human woman, he found in the park. Greg's wife, who can now focus her attention on her career, is not happy with the new addition to the family. Hilarity ensues, naturally, along with some moments that will definitely tug at your heart strings.

If you've ever loved a pet like they're part of the family, Sylvia is for you.

Ticket prices range from $15 - $25 with group rates available for groups of 15 or more. For more information call 269-343-1313 or click here.


***The Civic Box Office will be closed for the holidays until 10:00am on January 3rd. Tickets may be ordered online anytime.***