Free Pizza at Walmart – Today Only!
Last year, Walmart changed the recipe for their brand of frozen pizza, and, if I can say this diplomatically, it was less than well received. There may have been pitchforks and torches involved. Walmart learned their lesson and have changed their recipe back to the original. To celebrate, they'…
Portage’s Movies in the Park 2018
Looking for something free to do with the whole family? Portage Parks and Recreation invites you to their Summer Movie Series at Celery Flats! Bring a blanket and some chairs and snuggle up to a movie on select Friday nights through the summer.
FREE Improv Workshop with Crawlspace Eviction
This Friday, Arthop will highlight more than just the stunning talent of visual artists in our community; the art of improv comedy will also be featured.
Crawlspace Eviction is holding an improv workshop this Friday, February 3rd, from 6-9pm in their studio at the Park Trades Center; Studio 411B…
Fish for Free!!!
One of the things I certainly don't do often enough is fishing.  In fact, I don't think I have for probably 5 years.  I should be OUTRAGED with myself.
FREE Coffee… and Other Wonders of the World
Mondays suck.  There's no way around it.  You woke up late, put on two different shoes, forgot your breakfast on the counter, caught a train, and your car is making that sound again.
All because it's Monday.
Weekend over, pal!  Relaxation over...