Target to Start Home Delivery with Shipt
You know what their commercials say: "Out of the stuff you need? Time for a Target run!" But that is about to change. Target is jumping on the home delivery bandwagon and has joined forces with Shipt to bring the "stuff you need" right to your door!
I Don’t Shut Down at 7pm – Why Does the Kalamazoo Mall?
I like to meet for dinner by 6:00, so I'm full and happy before the dinner rush starts, and then I fancy a stroll on the mall, seeing what wares and trinkets are in the window. But that's it; I can't go beyond the window, because most of the stores are closed by 7:00pm. Even stopping …
19 Basics and the Best Bang for Your Buck
Have you ever been standing in the aisle at your favorite store comparing prices and thinking "I'm sure I could get this cheaper at that other place." When it comes to basics, it pays to know where to get the best bang for your buck.
I personally visited four stores in Southwest Michigan, W…

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