South Haven

Amazing Sand Art in South Haven, Michigan
Sometimes a video comes along that leaves you speechless, and this video of two Kalamazoo women carving a Phoenix in to the sands of South Haven is truly spectacular and awe inspiring. Thankfully, a vacationing family from St. Louis with a drone happened upon them and was able to capture the entiret…
Chomp – Serving Up Gourmet Hot Dogs in South Haven
Nothing says "beach food" quite like a hot dog, and, as I was in South Haven, Michigan this weekend, I was obliged to partake in the popular food, at Chomp, a new hot dog stand tucked away on the corner of Kalamazoo and Eagle. These aren't your typical dogs, my friends...
South Haven Opens First Microbrewery [VIDEO]
While South Haven has a lot to boast about - gorgeous beaches, stunning sunsets, The National Blueberry Festival - it did not, until now, have it's own microbrewery.
Now South Haven can add that to the list. The first microbrewery in town opened this month!

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